KEDKEP is helping manufacturers in engineering, FEA and CRN registration of boilers, pressure vessels and fittings designed to ASME codes. We are committed to using our knowledge and experience to work with customers to help them succeed.

We provide:
  • PVHO vessel design certification;
  • Calculations to Section VIII-1, -2, Section I, Section IV, B31.1/31.3/31.5;
  • Div. 2 vessel Design Reports certified by a registered professional engineer;
  • Stress analysis (FEA);
  • Review of customers’ designs to meet ASME and CRN registration requirements;
  • Drawings and calculation report stamped by a registered professional engineer;
  • Submission of designs for CRN registration in single province or Canada wide.

Products involved:

  • Section I boilers;
  • Section IV water heaters and boilers;
  • Section VIII-1/2 pressure vessels;
  • Shell and tube heat exchangers;
  • Plate heat exchangers;
  • B31.3/B31.1/B31.5 piping and fittings;
  • B16.9 fittings;
  • B16.5/B16.47 flanges;
  • Valves;
  • PVHO vessels.



Pressure vessels


Plate & tube/shell exchangers


We are experienced in finite element analysis of complicated or non-standard structures. Results of FEA have been adopted by customers in operation or accepted by review engineers.

We have licensed engineer to stamp drawing and report. We hold Certificate of Authorization to practice engineering in Canada. We recognize the importance of our clients, and We believe firmly that the quality of our work creates long-lasting relationships with our clients.

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